Our Grooming Difference

The Rogue Grooming Difference.

Does your groomer make their own shampoo and conditioner? We do.
For years we have researched and developed our own skin care range that is now sold worlwide.

What ever is applied to your dogs skin seeps into the bloodstream (without being diluted with saliva) so is more potent than your dog eating it! The majority of grooming products have been formulated with shareholder profits in mind, not our dogs is it any wonder our dogs suffer from so many health, skin issues and allergies?

At Rogue we are committed to natural , sustainable and bio degradeable products.
Our Grooming is 100% All Natural Rogue Royalty shampoos and conditioners.

Why use synthetic nasties on our dog when you have all natural premium grooming at Rogue Royalty.  Our salon is located at 49 Blaxland Road Campbelltown NSW, for bookings call (02)4620 7660.


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